Inside Da Nang Airport: One of the best airports in Asia

Da Nang Airport doesn’t have a striking design but it is highly appreciated for the quality of service and clean atmosphere, and the attitude of staff.

The Guide to Sleeping in Airports ranked Da Nang at 23rd and Noi Bai at 28th of the 30 best airports in Asia in 2015
This airport was built at a total cost of more than VND1,340 billion. The airport with a total area of 36,600 m2, with 4 floors, was inaugurated and put into operation in late 2011.
It was not a surprise for many people when Da Nang airport was named among the best airports in Asia because it was upgraded and repaired recently. The lounge and check-in areas are always clean and convenient. Security staff work with polite attitude.
Luggage service is very quick, only less than 10 minutes. 
Ground service staff are always friendly to passengers. The elderly, the disabled and children are always helped. 
The boarding lounge of around 3,500 m2 with free water and Wi-Fi.
In the service sector, the price for food is listed. 
The area for beverages at the airport lobby.
Passengers can watch TV, or read the newspaper for free.
Recently, the airport provided free phone charging service.
The lounge for business people.
This room has electric massage chairs.

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