New attractions for tourists

To create variety and novelty for visitors to Da Nang, many local young people are trying to develop new and special tourist attractions.  The ‘Chan Troi Goc Be’ (All Corners of the World) eco-restaurant is a typical example.

Located on Le Van Duyet at the foot of the Thuan Phuoc Suspension Bridge, the eco-restaurant is the perfect venue for anyone who wants to enjoy relaxing moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or interesting outdoor activities with their relatives and friends.

A corner of the ‘Chan Troi Goc Be’ eco-restaurant
A corner of the ‘Chan Troi Goc Be’ eco-restaurant

The 5,000m2 area features many spacious bamboo watch-towers which bring its customers relaxation, peace, and tranquility.  On display are mounds of straw and rice straw-woven items, as well as re-creations of images of rural areas.

In addition, visitors have the opportunity to be immersed in nature by participating in collective games on the spacious grassland or in water sports such as boat racing and floating water bike cycling.

Another example is the company MTV Nguyen-Eco which specialises in offering sea and island tours.

Mr Duong Van Nguyen, the company’s Deputy Director, said that Da Nang welcomes an increasing number of international visitors, but they seem to prefer to experience ecological tourism activities in Hoi An rather than take tours around the city.  Yet the city possesses many time-honoured traditional crafts which have great potential for the development of eco-tourism.  Included are the making of sedge mats in Cam Ne Village and bamboo knitting in Yen Ne.

He remarked, “To meet the increasing demand from foreigners for this type of tourism, my company has launched a ‘Nguyen Eco ecotourism’ tour along the banks of the Cam Le River.  Enjoying the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to experience sedge mat-making or picking vegetables themselves to prepare their own meals”.

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