The guide to visit all Da Nang attractions

This is possibly the most beautiful street in Danang. Simply take a stroll along the street to have a quick view of all the bridges, Cham museum, Han market, City Hall and other interesting places.

The Museum’s first building was opened in 1919, but many Cham sculptures collected in Danang, Quang Nam and elsewhere were brought to the site over the preceding twenty years. The collection was begun by French archaeologists and experts from ÉCOLE FRANCAISE D’EXTRÊME-ORIENT (EFEO). Some artifacts were sent to Paris and others to the Ha Noi and SaiGon (now Ho Chi Minh City) museums, but many typical objects were left in Tourane (now Danang).

The house is entirely similar to the one in Hanoi capital. There are an orchard and an aquarium in its fresh and attractive campus. Many tourists visit this site when coming to the city.

The three-floor museum house more than 2,500 photos and artifacts, more than 1,900 of which are original and have been collected from Danang and neighboring areas since national reunification in 1975. Admission is free and the museum opens every day except Mondays, from 8.00am to 11.30am and 2.00pm to 4.30pm.


Known to locals as Con Ga Church (Rooster Church) because of the weather-cock on top of the steeple, the candy-pink Danang Cathedral was built for the city’s French residents in 1923. Today it serves as a Catholic community of 4000-its standing room only if you arrive late.

da nang museumda nang museum

Situated on a hill, Linh Ung pagoda – Bai But, the Son Tra Peninsula newly inaugurated, is not only seen as works in bold, marking the development of Buddhism in Vietnam in the twenty-first century, but also a spiritual meeting place of heaven and earth.


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